Gift Cards

Come in today for a gift card for a friend or loved one! Any price $10.00 and up can be placed on the card. These cards are great gifts for people that are everyday shoppers or people that have never had the experience of shopping in a health oriented store.

Fruit Baskets

Year-round, Edge of the Woods offers specialty gift baskets for our customers. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday or a gift for a company, Edge of the Woods offers baskets in all price ranges. These baskets are great for friends and family, and can contain specialty items of your choosing. We also offer customized baskets that cater to certain diets or lifestyles (kosher, vegan, etc.).

Nut Trays

Nut trays can make a lovely centerpiece for any table. Whether entertaining or not, nuts are healthy snack choices for all that wish to indulge. These trays are a quick and easy gift idea that can be enjoyed by anyone. All nut trays can be made kosher and can accommodate certain diets.

Fruit Trays

Edge of the Woods Market offers specialty fruit trays during the holiday season. These trays are made in unique patterns and shapes and are great as presents or as additions to your holiday party. Fruit trays can be made kosher.