About Edge of the Woods Market

It’s more than just a marketplace, it’s a community experience where you can’t make a wrong choice if you’re desiring to live a healthy lifestyle. This was always the dream of Peter Dodge, who was an integral part of creating this type of market in 1977 with a group of Yogis who wanted to promote their mind, body, spirit connection lifestyle to the public. “The philosophy that existed 44 years ago still exists today,” says owner Peter Dodge.

While others in that group went into different directions, Peter’s vision and passion only increased; today he still owns and runs the store along with his wife, Fran, two sons, Justin and Nathaniel, grandson Alvin and granddaughters Kevala and Pramila.

What is Edge of the Woods Market?

It’s a vegetarian marketplace with a diverse customer base that features hand-chosen produce from local markets that share their common goal of providing the healthiest food to people. Along with fully stocked groceries aisles, dairy & non-dairy, fresh & frozen choices, there’s also a vast variety of bulk nuts/grains and ground coffee. The Deli/Kitchen area features a juice bar, hot/cold sandwiches and wraps, where the sought after “Edge Burger” is grilled in front of you and a menu board filled with a myriad of other vegetarian choices, including a vegan Ruben sandwich!  There’s also a hot bar with eggplant parmesan, rice dishes, roasted vegetables, and prepared foods to take home with you like eggless egg salad, kitchen made soups, salads and so much more!  Then there’s the bakery that often has a line formed as people are choosing slices of what is known by their customers as “the best Carrot Cake ever” or the freshly made breads, along with scones, cakes, pies and pastries, that can go toe-to-toe with any high-end bakery!

Upstairs features a few tables to enjoy your meal if you wish, and a bountiful vitamin/supplement department stocked with even difficult to find superior products and bulk herbs too. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always there to answer questions about what supplements or herbs may be best for their needs. And, there’s also a selection of makeup, soaps, gifts, clothing, books and various holistic and healing items as well.